Where can I find information on Auditions?

Go to our Audition page on this website.

Can I be in Pride and in college also?

Absolutely. You are encouraged to have a job or be in school while participating as a performer in Pride. Pride rehearsals are held only during the weekend.  The 2021 season schedule can be found here.

Can I be a high school student and be a member of Pride?

A Winter Guard International Policy created in 1996 reads:

“WGI discourages independent color guards from utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active winter guard high school program and have not yet graduated.”

Pride of Cincinnati will in no way recruit students from local high school programs that have a Scholastic Winter Guard. Pride believes that this rule fosters growth in local high schools programs.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN AUDITIONS! Participating in auditions is a great way to learn new techniques and understand what is expected as a member in an Independent organization. Everyone is welcome to audition.

How much does it cost?

2022 Membership dues are $2000 and paid over the course of the season. A payment plan will be presented at the first camp.

What other expenses do we have throughout the year?

Not included in the membership dues are expenses like a Pride Jacket (approx. $85), and any shoes, gloves, or undergarments needed for your performance. If the guard goes on a trip, you may be asked to pay for certain meals, while the guard will take care of others.

Do you provide housing?

When possible, Pride does provide housing during the weekends we are together. Most of the time we sleep in an Athletic Facility, which has a complete kitchen and shower facilities. Housing during the week is your responsibility. Often many members opt to get an apartment together while they work or go to school.

Can I still teach a high school program?

It is our hope that performers from Pride would have an interest in teaching high school groups in the area. Often there are many opportunities. Becoming part of the Pride of Cincinnati, you will realize all members involved make many sacrifices. One is the sacrifice of time. All members are expected to be at all rehearsals.

Is attendance at camps is mandatory?

Even with teaching another group, one must understand that you have made a commitment to be a performer in Pride. College-related activities that are a part of a grade, and family emergencies have been excused in the past. Time management of your family, school, work and social schedules needs to allow you to attend every rehearsal.